Share faith, hope and Jesus

People are longing purpose and meaning. A gift to Alpha could help someone find this through a relationship with Jesus.

Give the gift of the gospel

We give Alpha away for free because we believe the church can be the catalyst for change and we want to remove the barriers to that being possible. Church leaders around the world can access Alpha’s talks and training resources online, equipping them to run Alpha effectively, and at no cost to the guest. When this happens, the church provides more opportunities for people to encounter Jesus.

Alpha is entirely funded by voluntary donations from people who are passionate about evangelism. Please partner with us to see lives transformed by the gospel.

What will my gift go towards?

Creating New Content

Creating content and new training for church leaders, hosts and helpers.

Training and Equipping Leaders

Equipping staff to engage and provide training opportunities for churches to run Alpha and Alpha Online effectively.

Increasing Organisational Capacity

All of our work is supported by our local team to ensure the best stewardship of our people and resources.

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