Alpha Online:

Miles Toulmin explains
why it really works

Alpha Online grew out of necessity. And it surprised us all.

Lockdowns were the catalyst for finding a way to provide Alpha courses remotely. But far from being an interim measure, Alpha Online has proved to be an effective tool in its own right. It opens doors that were previously shut by time and space constraints, and grows relationships in a very real way. Nicky Gumbel has called this acceleration of virtual meetings “the greatest evangelistic opportunity of our lifetime.”

Whether you’re interested in running Alpha Online in tandem with in-person meetings or all on its own, we offer all the support you need to master this simple and effect way of sharing the gospel.

Planning an online or hybrid Alpha?

Here’s a complete guide, info on running Alpha via Zoom, and four pages of simple tips.

Digital solutions

Watch this brief webinar for an overview of the tools available for Alpha Online.


10 Ways to Secure Zoom

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Running Alpha Online

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