Open Generation Tour – Wellington

Equippers Church Ngauranga 4 Glover Street, Wellington, New Zealand

David Kinnaman, CEO of the Barna Group, will present the New Zealand-specific findings from the Open Generation Project.


Explore Training – Tauranga

Curate Church 37 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Planning to run Alpha for the first time, or the first time in a while? Course leaders are invited to join us in Mount Maunganui for an introduction to who Alpha is, best practice for running Alpha, and full training on the online registration platform. There will be a Q&A time, and lunch is provided. […]


Divine Renovation – Clothed in Power

Online , New Zealand

Parish renewal takes a lot of work and perseverance. But hard work can only get you so far — and it’s easy to be discouraged when it doesn’t bear the fruit you had hoped for. What if something — or someone — is missing? Real transformation only happens through the power of the Holy Spirit. […]


LC23 Online

Online , New Zealand

Alpha's Leadership Conference is accessible for free to those who are not able to join in person at London's Royal Albert Hall on 1 and 2 May. The best of the conference will be distilled into a 2-hour 15-minute event that will be streamed live and offered for free at four different times from 24 […]

Alpha New Zealand City-by-City Advertising Campaign 24

After a successful campaign in 2023, Alpha New Zealand is once again planning on running an Advertising Campaign across the country from 8th April 24 to 21st April 24.  Our aim is to provide advertising through a range of media such as billboards, radio and social media that will cover New Zealands main centres and […]

Prayer Session 1: 23 April 2024 // City-by-City Advertising Campaign 2024

As part of the City-by-City Advertising Campaign the Alpha New Zealand Team will be hosting Prayer Sessions for all those running Alpha (Pre /Marriage and Parenting Course teams also welcome) from late Term 1 and into Term 2 2024. We would love to have you and the team join us as we pray for all upcoming courses. […]

Prayer Session 2: 30 April 2024 // City-by-City Alpha Advertising Campaign 24

  The Alpha New Zealand Team invites all those running Alpha (Pre /Marriage and Parenting Course teams also welcome) in Term 2 to join us for the second of our City-by-City Advertising Campaign Prayer Sessions. Prayer Session 2 Date: 30 April 2024 Time: 9.00am - 9.30am Prayer focus: First sessions, guests, technology  ... Zoom: link to […]

LC24: Alpha Leadership Conference

The Leadership Conference is a unique opportunity for leaders in every sphere – across contexts, traditions, generations, and cultures – to gather as one, encounter Jesus, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. We believe that Christ centred leadership has the power to change lives and transform the world. Hosted live at the Royal Albert […]

Prayer Session 4: 18 June 2024 // City-by-City Alpha Advertising Campaign 24

The final of the campaign Prayer Sessions. Once again the invitation is to come together with the Alpha New Zealand team and pray for all Term 2 courses upcoming Holy Spirit Sessions. Prayer Session 4 Date: 18 June 2024 Time: 9.00am - 9.30am Prayer focus: upcoming Holy Spirit Sessions Zoom: link to be given on […]

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