Help us take Alpha’s message into
New Zealand, city by city.

In 2021, churches in Wellington banded together to advertise Alpha courses—all Alpha courses, not just their own—on billboards and bus shelters, on radio and social media. They covered the campaign in prayer and the next time they started Alpha courses, churches across the city welcomed more walk-ins than they’d seen before.

They hadn’t been invited by anyone; they had simply searched for the “Try Alpha” tagline and many of them found answers to life’s big questions.

Then in 2023 we raised funds to help churches get the word out in Auckland, Christchurch and again in Wellington. This time via billboards, radio and social media. Once again the messages were a simple acknowledgment that we all have questions, followed by the suggestion to “Try Alpha” and the results exceeded expectations.

“Had our first guest register via the Alpha New Zealand Website during the campaign”


Course Leader
“Listening to radio at work and heard the Alpha Campaign Ad, so cool as co-worker who had been invited to the course also heard the ad”

Radio Advert

Church going inviter
“Going through a difficult time and searching for answers.
Saw a billboard advertising Alpha and made contact. Didn’t think that someone like me would be welcome but how wrong I was.”



And now in 2024 our heart is to continue supporting the church in it’s mission by running the City-by-City Campaign from north to south, east to west, expanding across the county to multiple regions. We will continue to send an open invitation for people to gather in churches where their questions can be answered by eternal hope and infinite love.

How can you be involved?

INVITE people to an Alpha near you

REGISTER your course and advertise on our website

Donate BILLBOARD space

DONATE towards the campaign

Use the Donate button above to see donation options and also to let us know if you have billboard space available

For general enquiries regarding the upcoming 2024 Campaign please feel free to contact any of the Alpha New Zealand Team or [email protected]

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