In August 2018 I invited a Christian friend to come to our house for dinner.

Once we finished dinner, he asked whether he could pray for my wife and me.

I could not identify any risk and knowing that my Christian friend is a kind person, I allowed him to pray for us.

He started praying for my wife, who suffered from a disease that was not life threatening but at times very frustrating for her.

While he was praying I felt a heat wave coming over me. I got emotional and I could just suppress tears filling my eyes. At that moment I realised that there is probably more in this world than what we can see and hear.

Later on that evening, I brought my friend back to his car, which he had left at work. On the way to his car I asked myself a number of questions:
“What if God really does exist?”
“What do I have to lose if I want to get to know him?”
“How can I get to know him?”

Having arrived at his car, I asked my friend, “How can I get to know God?” We prayed together and I invited Jesus to come into my life.

A couple of weeks later I decided to go to church. One of the pastors invited me to come to Alpha. I have a Christian background as I had religion classes at school and I went to church as a little boy. Alpha gave me the opportunity to learn even more about Christianity.

Alpha is a safe place where I could ask any question that came up in my mind.
Alpha is a powerful platform that enables us to share the Gospel. As I am convinced about this, I am still active as a helper after more than 2 years.

—A guest from Auckland