As your Alpha comes to a close, it begs the question, “What’s after Alpha?” So many people are impacted by their experience with Alpha and some want to continue to build on the friendships that have formed over the weeks. The best way to do this is get them involved in the church community. Here are some ideas:

1. Gather Feedback

During your last Alpha session, hand out Guest Feedback Forms and include options on the form that your church can provide to gauge interest (e.g. small groups, Bible studies, discipleship series etc.). Make sure there is someone to follow up with guests if there is interest in a particular area. The Guest Feedback Form is available in Alpha Builder for you to customize and print.

2. Encourage Alpha guests to help on the next Alpha

This is one of the best ways to get people involved in your church community as they continue in their faith journey. Recommend a role that best matches their interests and gifts (kitchen help, set-up, audio-visual, greeter, small group helper etc.).

3. Join or start a small group

Look for ways to provide more of the environment guests enjoyed while attending Alpha – like food, fun, talk, discussion, and prayer. Meet in someone’s home or a coffee shop where the atmosphere is casual and friendly.

4. Plan social events together

Encourage Alpha guests to exchange contact information and to meet together in the future. Meet up for coffee or plan a weekend activity.

5. Go to Sunday service together

If Alpha participants are not churchgoers, small group hosts can suggest meeting up and going as a group so it is less intimidating. Introduce them to your friends and go for coffee afterwards to discuss their experience at the church service.

6. Stay in the loop

If you or your church are active on social media, invite your guests to stay up-to-date so they know what’s happening in your church community.

Please note: We don’t offer any follow up courses such as Beta or Alpha 2. Alpha is about starting the conversation and we believe there are many great follow-up resources that differ greatly depending on your church context and each individual guest. We suggest that you connect with your church leadership to discuss further opportunities to journey with guests.