Have you ever felt like you just needed to ‘get away’? Sometimes the rhythms and pressures of daily life can get to us, and we need to get out of our normal environments to refocus or get refreshed.

Separating ourselves from our normal routines can be a profound way to get perspective, energy, and rest.

In the same way that taking a vacation can be important to living a healthy life, the Alpha Weekend is an integral component of a healthy Alpha. The Alpha Weekend occurs several weeks into the series, and centers around the episodes about the Holy Spirit. It gives groups the opportunity to get out of their normal environments and change the scenery, usually as part of an overnight away.

Providing this space helps give definition to guests’ Alpha experience – it distinguishes it from their normal routine and allows them to process and internalize the discussion in a way that they otherwise wouldn’t. The Alpha Weekend can turn a good Alpha experience into a life changing one.