Once you get into the swing of things, running Alpha can be a breeze, but how can you consistently improve your Alpha? It’s important to brainstorm new ideas and keep looking forward. Here are four ways to keep improving your Alpha course.

1. Debrief

Effective debriefs include a time of reflection, when you and your team can clarify facts, discuss what went well, what didn’t, and what you learned. Then you can work together to identify solutions and opportunities for improvement. This can also be a time of inspiration to re-envision leaders and express appreciation for their hard work. Debriefing is not only an option after Alpha has ended, but make time for it after each session throughout your course to discuss best moments and most difficult challenges.

2. Get Feedback

Sometimes people are the most honest when they can be anonymous. Guest and team feedback forms are a vital resource to gather genuine thoughts and comments about your Alpha course. Build this into your plan and examine feedback from guests on your overall course, including meals, talks, discussion time, etc. Team feedback forms allow you to improve your team dynamics and structure to best support your next Alpha course.

3. Give Feedback

At Alpha, we always want to best support you as you run Alpha on the front lines. After your Alpha course ends, watch out for our annual Alpha Survey in your inbox. We read every single response so let us know what you liked and how we can improve and serve you better.

4. Grow Your Team

It isn’t uncommon for an Alpha guest to become a volunteer on your next Alpha course (actually 60% of Alpha leaders were previously Alpha guests!). Each season, encourage guests to consider joining the Alpha team. Who better to become an Alpha volunteer than someone who just had a great time at your last Alpha? Remind Alpha grads to invite someone (or bring someone!) to the next Alpha.