You’ve registered your course and are ready to inspire your community to invite friends and family to try Alpha. You’re almost good to go, but what does it take to get your team ready for Alpha?

1. Prayerfully Pick Your Team

Running Alpha is a team sport and success largely depends on filling some key roles including Small Group Hosts, Helpers, Prayer Team and Task Force.

2. Save the Dates for Team Training

Save the dates for the three team training sessions (or two sessions if you decide to combine them). Training is absolutely essential to help team members understand the DNA of Alpha, learn effective small group skills and build unity. Send a confirmation email to your Alpha team with specific dates to clarify their roles and to encourage your team to be committed each week.

3. Log-in to Get Free Resources

Login to the Alpha New Zealand website to access talks on prayer, training your hosts and helpers, and leading a small group.

4. Pray Together

Commit to pray as a team and for all of the guests throughout the duration of Alpha. Pray with your team before and after each Alpha session.